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This site will get you fit in just 11 minutes a day!

Physical fitness does not mean bulging muscles, nor is it the exclusive property of young men or women.

Physical fitness has a positive effect on mental fitness. It also enhances and improves such desirable qualities as vitality, appearance and personality.

The exercises contained within are suitable for all ages.

My name’s Paul, I’m 60 years old and this is me.

I know I’m no oil painting, but although I smoke and drink, I’m fitter than most people I know, who are 10-12 years my junior. I can still run 100 metres to catch a bus and not feel out of breath. I also hate doing exercise for the sake of it. So, how do I stay fit?

Through a friend I discovered the 5BX Plan – Five Basic Exercises – which was devised by a Dr. Bill Orban for the Royal Canadian Air Force. (XBX Plan for women) These exercises take just 11minutes a day, which suited me down to the ground. I know it sounds impossible to get fit in so little time a day, but it works! Don’t take my word for it. Try it! You have nothing to lose.

I came across the Yoga exercises contained here in an old library book and I find these are of great benefit, not only for keeping loose and supple, but with the extra bonus of enhancing a sense of calmness.


When it comes to the 5BX / XBX Plans, follow the instructions exactly. DO NOT skip a step. As for the Yoga, begin with the AM Routine. DO NOT believe the myth of “no pain, no gain”. Be patient. If doing a particular stretch hurts, ease back until it’s comfortable. DO NOT strain yourself; the suppleness will come in time.

A combination of the 5BX / XBX and the Yoga exercises on alternate days keep me fit. I feel confident that if they work for me, they will work for you.


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